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Success story with a sonnenBatterie

“I installed solar + storage at my house because I like to be as independent from the power company as possible and I’m getting a good experience of that this week after Hurricane Irma” 

In early September 2017, the record-breaking and devastating Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean and Southeastern U.S., leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. With almost 9 million people still left without power across Florida and Georgia a week after the storm, Tom Bossert, President Trump’s homeland security adviser reported that “This will be the largest-ever mobilization of (electric) line restoration workers in this country, period, end of story.”

Though James Walden, a resident of Palm Coast, Florida, was among the 7.5 million Floridians who lost power from the grid, the combination of a rooftop solar array and sonnenBatterie eco 10 kWh system enabled him to keep his lights on and “essential” appliances running during and after the storm, throughout the day and night. Just before the storm sonnen helped him program the system appropriately to ensure the battery was fully charged for night time use. He was even able to generate excess solar power and use additional appliances during the day.

With sustained power for his refrigerator, freezer, master bedroom, bathroom, and 2 guest rooms from his sonnenBatterie system, James was able to preserve his food and water and also provide refuge for some of the ladies from his local church who were not able to leave the area and avoid the storm, like many of his neighbors. A week after the storm, most of James’s neighbors were without power and had yet to return – “it was like living in an empty neighborhood - like a ghost town.”

SolarFIT, a local solar installer, helped James add a sonnenBatterie system to his PV array in January 2017, in order to minimize his carbon footprint, become more energy efficient, and most importantly “be as independent from the power company as possible.” By adding on a few extra solar panels at the same time, he even qualified for the tax rebate, which helped with purchasing the system as well. James encourages Floridians to at the very least look into solar and storage options for the future. While it can be an expensive investment, in James’s case, having backup power, energy independence, and peace of mind knowing that he will have power during future storms and grid events, it was definitely an investment worth making.


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"We decided to become the exclusive sonnenBatterie distributor in Nevada because sonnen has more installations across the world than any other battery on the market.  Their product is tried and tested.  It's not just a theory or a concept." - Kevin Romney, Co-Founder of Radiant Solar Solutions.

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