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sonnen - empowering your clean energy future, together.


Revolutionizing the energy system  

Imagine a world where energy is yours. 

Where community is the driving force to create positive change. Where clean technologies improve the lives of as many people as possible. 

This is the world sonnen is creating for you.   

Our endeavours are based on the vision of two pioneers, Christoph Ostermann and Torsten Stiefenhofer. They challenged the status quo and wanted to create a world where energy is clean and affordable for all people. In 2010, they found the perfect place to start sonnen and work on that vision: A small village in Bavaria, Germany, famous for its deep commitment to renewable energy and accelerating the energy transition.  

sonnen GmbH Wildpoldsried

We have been tirelessly working towards developing the best, most innovative energy solutions ever since.  

Starting with individual systems that have evolved into a global network, we connect people and technologies every single day. By doing so, we have built a community with thousands of innovators and change-makers: the sonnenCommunity. This community serves not only our customers, but everyone on this planet. 

Building on the power of the community  

Anyone who owns a sonnen product is a member of the sonnenCommunity. 

These people are more to us than just customers – they are our motivation, inspiration and the heart of true change.  

With the power of many, we are establishing the clean energy system of the future.


Shaping the future: our sonnenVPP

Since 2018, we have been networking private home storage systems into a virtual power plants, starting in Germany. Today our sonnenVPP technology is the backbone of Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Program, a distributed battery grid management project in Utah and Idaho with thousands of customers. And we’re just getting started.


We are building an energy system that puts clean electricity where it is needed, at exactly the right time. A system that is financially beneficial for everyone and at the same time increases the flexibility and reliability of the power grid. 

In addition, the sonnenVPP plays an important role in the energy transition. By stabilizing the energy networks, we are ensuring that more and more renewable energies can be connected to the grid on three continents, thereby accelerating the transition to clean energy.

More about the sonnenVPP

Built with German Engineering and American Ingenuity

We are deeply committed to accelerating the energy transition and contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow.

sonnen Product Families

 In our headquarters and production facility in Wildpoldsried (Germany), our second R&D and production facility in Atlanta (USA) combined with offices in Italy, the UK, Australia and Spain, we assemble some of the finest minds in the industry to work on our mission. 

sonnen in numbers

Together with the sonnenCommunity, we have already achieved great milestones: More than 125,000 households have decided to become part of the energy movement by joining the sonnenCommunity (January 2024). We operate our sonnenVPP in six countries on three continents around the world, helping to replace fossil fuel power plants. In doing so, we save more than 212,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. This is a fantastic effort, but not even close to being enough. We promise to never stop questioning, improving and creating solutions for a better future, where energy is clean and affordable for everyone.