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Elegant. Effortless. Connected. Our most advanced home battery solution that integrates clean energy with leading home automation platforms for superior control, comfort, and outage protection.

  • Max Capacity 30 kWh
  • Recyclable 100%
  • Cycle Warranty 15 year/15,000
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Your scalable, smart home solution is ecoLinx.

Our most advanced home battery that integrates clean energy with leading home automation platforms for superior control, comfort, and outage protection. The scalable ecoLinx seamlessly manages your household energy usage, offering smart configurable backup power during grid outages and powering smart devices with solar energy, day and night (may require the purchase of additional equipment).


The ultimate high-tech home starts with ecoLinx.

Energy Automation using clean energy.

Integrate ecoLinx with leading home automation platforms for the ultimate smart home solution that adjusts energy usage without sacrificing comfort and maximizes your backup power during outages.

Built for safety, longevity, and performance.

Ultra-safe, long-lasting battery solution with an industry leading 15-year or 15,000 cycle product warranty and an expected lifetime energy throughput of 248 MWh (see Warranty for details).

Scalable and seamless energy management.

The ecoLinx home battery solutions are scalable from 12 kWh - 20 kWh (2 kWh increments) or a single 30 kWh size and comes with an ultra-fast response time meaning your backup power is seamless, so your home barely misses a beat.

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Energy Automation with ecoLinx.

Watch how sonnen's Energy Automation with ecoLinx powers homes with clean energy enabling homeowners to take smart homes to the next level.

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Energy Automation with sonnen ecoLinx
Wattsmart Program

Join the Utah Wattsmart Battery Program to earn rewards for your sonnenHome battery.

Now all Rocky Mountain Power customers in Utah and Idaho can qualify for the Wattsmart Battery Program when they add a sonnen battery to their home. This utility program uses the sonnenVPP to virtually connect batteries across the states, creating a distributed, clean energy power plant that supports the local community and the power grid. As a member of the Wattsmart Program you are eligible for benefits:

✓ Get an upfront incentive when you enroll

✓ Earn ongoing bill credits for supporting the grid

✓ Help create a healthier environment

✓ Keep electric prices among the nation's lowest 

✓ Gain access to reliable backup power

✓ Support the energy transition

Power your smart home with clean energy on your terms.