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The sonnenEvo is an all-in-one, AC-coupled solar battery storage system designed for outdoor installations.

  • Capacity 10kWh
  • Installation Outdoor
  • Cycle Warranty 10 yr/10,000

Gain greater energy independence with access to clean, reliable energy day and night.

The sonnenEvo is an innovative, all-in-one home solar battery solution that is rated for installation outdoors and goes beyond backup power alone, providing an alternative to solar net-metering and giving you greater energy independence.  


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Take control and manage your clean energy to power your life at home.

1. Get more insights into your energy usage with Data Mode

2. Learn how you are contributing to the sonnenCommunity and a clean energy future

3. Manage how your home stays powered and protected during outages

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An evolution in sonnen technology, designed for the great outdoors.

Backup power & beyond.

Comes with a proprietary battery management system that optimizes your use of clean energy, lowering your use of grid energy and using stored solar to power what matters most, day and night and even during grid outages.

Quality backed by an industry leading warranty.

sonnenEvo offers a safe and long-lasting battery technology that comes with an industry leading 10-year or 10,000 cycle product warranty and an estimated lifetime energy throughput of up to 90 MWh (see Warranty for details).

All-in-one durable design.

The sonnenEvo is an innovative, fully integrated AC-coupled home battery solution that pairs with any solar system and is designed for installation outdoors.

sonnenConnect Program

Earn rewards for being part of a clean energy network.

Introducing a grid-interactive battery program that offers solar plus battery prosumers an alternative to net metering and backup power alone. sonnenConnect uses sonnen’s virtual power plant platform to manage networks of batteries across California, creating a distributed clean energy supply that is professionally managed to maximize your rewards and build a smart power grid.

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