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Power your life with a smart, reliable, and safe home battery from sonnen.

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Meet sonnen, a global leader in home battery solutions.

Born of German Engineering combined with American ingenuity, sonnen products work with any solar system to give you 24/7 access to stored clean energy to power your home - day, night and during power outages.

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The sonnen battery is a key to your clean, reliable energy future.

Learn how our intelligent battery solutions, like the sonnenCore+, help you safely power your home with the cleanest energy available, day and night. 

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How the sonnenCore+ Battery works
Wattsmart Program

Join the Utah Wattsmart Battery Program to earn rewards.

Now all Rocky Mountain Power customers in Utah and Idaho can qualify for the Wattsmart Battery Program when they add a sonnen battery to their solar home. This utility program connects residential batteries across the states, creating a distributed, virtual clean energy management system that supports the local community and the power grid while providing you with benefits:

✓ Get an upfront incentive when you enroll.

✓ Earn ongoing bill credits.

✓ Help create a healthier environment.

✓ Keep electric prices among the nation's lowest. 

✓ Use renewable energy effectively.

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Battery Technology


Stackable. Sustainable. Indoor-rated. sonnenCore+ helps power and protect even more with an all- in-one, 100% sonnen engineered home battery solution.

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sonnenEvo stacked units
Battery Technology


The sonnenEvo is an all-in-one, AC-coupled solar battery storage system designed for outdoor installations.

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ecoLinx 100
Battery Technology

ecoLinx 100

Introducing ecoLinx 100, a safe, scalable, and smart commercial battery solution from the energy experts at sonnen that helps your business stay powered and protected while earning financial benefits.

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Virtual Power Plant of networked sonnen batteries
Virtual Power Plant

sonnen Virtual Power Plant

The sonnen VPP is the key to a clean energy transition that provides clean, reliable and affordable energy for everyone — a true win-win: for the individual, property owners and investors, and our planet.

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Safe. Long-lasting. Flexible. sonnen helps power your life the way you live it.

At sonnen we believe in clean, reliable and affordable energy for all. Our world-class products provide energy benefits to you, your family, and even your community. 

1. Provides 24/7 access to stored clean energy.

2. Keeps the lights on and your solar up when the grid goes down.

3. Protects your family and the planet with safe, eco-conscious batteries. 

4. Helps reduce your home’s use of expensive peak energy.

5. Creates a smarter, more energy-efficient home. 

Discover the sonnen battery that is right for you. 

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