Just imagine you had the chance to take your energy future into your own hands.

sonnenBatterie eco - an Intelligent Storage System for Homes

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A clean, reliable and long-lasting intelligent energy storage system that provides greater energy independence.

Our proprietary Lithium-Ion Iron Phosphate technology in the sonnenBatterie outperforms other home battery solutions and lets you decide exactly how you want to produce, conserve, and consume electricity in your home.


Energy Automation with ecoLinx intelligent energy management for the ultimate smart home

With our innovative ecoLinx system, we've taken all the guesswork out of managing your home energy supply.

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Smart Configurable Backup

Energy automation with ecoLinx uses controllable circuit breakers and energy automation software to allow you to choose how long your backup power will last during a grid outage.

Smart Weather Forecasting

Energy automation with ecoLinx uses smart weather forecasting to detect severe weather and automatically increase the amount of energy stored in your battery.

Smart Demand Control & Load Management

By using advanced software and technology, energy automation with ecoLinx system automatically manages and maximizes the use of clean, stored energy to offset peak utility rates and power the home in the cleanest and most efficient way possible - without sacrificing your comfort. 

Homeowners around the country are experiencing the benefits of greater energy independence and management by installing the sonnenBatterie smart energy system. Learn more by reading their stories.


With the sonnenApp you'll be able to check your energy usage and production - anytime and from anywhere. Use the sonnenApp on your smartphone or tablet to connect to your sonnenBatterie via the internet and to monitor, analyse and control the supply and demand of your household. 

The sonnenApp is available for Android and iOS. Click the buttons below to download the App.

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Supporting Local Partners & Homebuilders

Increased adoption from homebuilders and utility providers from around the world help to address housing for all demographics, poor or affluent, as the incorporation of renewable technologies becomes more common in homes being built.

We have hundreds of certified partners around the country who have been thoroughly trained to design and install our high-quality smart energy storage systems. These partners will provide local expertise to bring clean and reliable power to our residential customers. Let us help you find a local certified partner to get you started today!


Pioneering & Award-winning Expertise in Clean Energy Management

As a world-recognized leader in intelligent solar battery storage technology, sonnen's innovative products are already enabling more than 40,000 households to benefit from choosing safer, healthier, and more sustainable home backup power.

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Find a Local sonnen Certified Partner near You!

We have hundreds of certified partners throughout the country, hand-selected and thoroughly trained to design and install our high-quality smart energy storage systems and to provide superior service. Our partnerships provide local expertise to bring clean and reliable power to your home. Choose from one of our elite preferred partners below or contact us to be matched with a certified installer near you. 

The smart energy storage system from sonnen is sold through a network of certified installers and wholesale distribution partners located throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. This network of partners includes experts from the solar, electrical, and home automation industries who are certified by sonnen in the technical design and installation of the sonnenBatterie system.

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