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Clean and reliable energy solutions for every home.

Why sonnenHome?

Whether you're adding an energy storage solution to your existing solar or looking to add solar plus energy storage to your home, our sonnen-certified local partners work with you to design a high-quality, tailored clean energy solution that offers you the greatest benefits.


Optimize your energy use

Each sonnenHome product is designed to manage your use of clean energy and help lower your electricity bills. 


Stay powered and protected

All sonnenHome solutions provide safe and reliable backup power to keep you energized when the grid goes down! 

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Build a clean energy future

The energy revolution starts at home, and with the power of sonnenHome you're all set for a clean energy future. 

Battery Technology


Stackable. Sustainable. Indoor-rated. sonnenCore+ helps power and protect even more with an all- in-one, 100% sonnen engineered home battery solution.

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sonnenBatterie Evo
Battery Technology


The sonnenEvo is an all-in-one, AC-coupled solar battery storage system designed for outdoor installations.

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ecoLinx product
Battery Technology


Elegant. Effortless. Connected. Our most advanced home battery solution that integrates clean energy with leading home automation platforms for superior control, comfort, and outage protection.

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Virtual Power Plant


A unique Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program that maximizes the benefits of a sonnen battery for customers who want to have it all.

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Produce energy

Store energy

Support the energy transition

PV on roof
Step 1: Produce energy

Manage and optimize your solar

A solar system is an important step in your home’s clean energy transition, but solar alone is not the whole solution. A sonnenHome battery paired with solar helps you reduce your electricity bills by optimizing how and when your solar energy is used, providing you financial value that goes Beyond Net-metering.   

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Step 2: Store energy

Power and protect your home

A home battery allows you the freedom to store excess solar energy when the sun is shining and use it to power your home when it benefits you the most - during a power outage or during peak times of day. sonnenHome solutions give you peace of mind and greater control over your energy.  

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Step 3: Enroll in sonnenConnect

Earn rewards for being part of the energy transition

Our sonnenConnect virtual power plant (VPP) program gives you the ability to earn additional rewards when you share your battery to help stabilize the local grid and support a new energy future. We proactively manage your sonnenHome system to maximize the benefits you receive today and in the future.   

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Take control and manage your clean energy to power your life at home.

1. Get more insights into your energy usage with Data Mode

2. Learn how you are contributing to the sonnenCommunity and a clean energy future

3. Manage how your home stays powered and protected during outages


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Lower your electricity bills, stay powered and protected and earn rewards with a sonnenHome solution.

Discover how our safe and flexible home energy solutions can help you achieve your energy goals and support a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future for all.

  • lower your electricity bills
  • stay powered and protected during grid outages
  • earn rewards for supporting the energy transition
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