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Next Level Home Battery Technology

Be energy savvy and power your home with sonnen.

Born of German engineering combined with American ingenuity, sonnen’s intelligent battery solutions store and manage energy to power your home in the cleanest, most efficient way — with or without solar. 

Elevate and protect your home with smart, safe, reliable battery power.

Choose from sonnen's range of home battery solutions to meet your home's unique needs. Every sonnen product comes with an unbeatable warranty, superior craftsmanship, and seamless integration with solar for cleaner, healthier living.

sonnenCore product
Battery Technology


Sleek. Simple. Sustainable. sonnenCore powers your essentials with an all-in-one, high-performance, 100% sonnen engineered solution that packs a punch for the price.

  • Max Capacity 10 kWh
  • Recyclable 100%
  • Cycle Warranty 10 year/10,000
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ecoLinx product
Battery Technology


Elegant. Effortless. Connected. Our most advanced home battery solution that integrates clean energy with leading home automation platforms for superior control, comfort, and outage protection.

  • Max Capacity 30 kWh
  • Recyclable 100%
  • Cycle Warranty 15 year/15,000
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eco product image
Battery Technology


Powerful. Flexible. Intelligent. sonnen eco offers a high-quality, flexible, and scalable solution for greater energy independence for the eco-conscious home.

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Virtual Power Plant of networked sonnen batteries
Virtual Power Plant

sonnen Virtual Power Plant

The sonnen VPP is the key to a clean energy transition that provides clean, reliable and affordable energy for everyone — a true win-win: for the individual, property owners and investors, and our planet. 

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Join a unique community of over 70,000 homeowners around the world who power their homes with sonnen and renewable energy.

Together we are making a difference for individuals, communities and the planet by building a clean, reliable and sustainable energy future for everyone.

Use clean energy when you need it, whether or not the sun is shining.

Simply putting solar panels on your roof isn’t doing you or the grid any favors. Without a way store power, excess clean solar and grid energy that can’t be used the moment it’s produced is wasted. A sonnen home battery changes the game — storing clean power for use around the clock.

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