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ecoLinx 100

Introducing ecoLinx 100, a safe, scalable, and smart commercial battery solution from the energy experts at sonnen that helps your business stay powered and protected while earning financial benefits.

  • Capacity up to 540 kWh
  • Installation Indoor
  • Cycle Warranty 10 yr/10,000
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A commercial solution that makes your clean energy investment work for you.

With the sonnen ecoLinx 100 commercial battery solution you gain greater control over your daily energy usage, reduce your electricity bills, keep your business powered and protected, and more.


ecoLinx 100 brings scalable, clean, and reliable energy benefits to commercial customers.

Peak Shaving & Energy Management.

sonnen’s proven energy management capabilities help mitigate costly utility demand charges using our proprietary peak shaving algorithm and maximize your solar investment by storing excess clean energy for use later, when it’s needed most.

Reliable, Scalable Backup Power.

The fully-integrated ecoLinx 100 battery system has the capability to stack up to six units at a single installation site for up to 180 kW / 540 kWh of reliable backup power that keeps critical business operations up and running when the grid goes down.

Virtual Power Plant Participation.

By participating in the sonnenVPP, your business is capable of generating revenue as part of a dynamic dispatchable load that is managed by sonnen to participate in grid services, such as demand response (available in certain markets).

Commercial Batteries that support VPPs.

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Commercial Batteries that support VPPs.

sonnen Offers a Proven Technology You Can Trust.

sonnen, a global leader in energy storage products and services since 2010, has over 125,000 energy storage systems installed worldwide. Our ecoLinx 100 technology offers distinct advantages over other commercial storage solutions by offering you high-quality, safe and long-lasting technology and 360-degree support that is synonymous with sonnen.

Learn how it's good for your business and the future of energy.

sonnen is building the clean energy future for homes, businesses, utilities and the world with high-quality, innovative products that deliver real value to you and your customers.

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