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Virtual Power Plant of networked sonnen batteries
Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Power Plant

The sonnen VPP is the key to a clean energy transition that provides clean, reliable and affordable energy for everyone — a true win-win: for the individual, property owners and investors, and our planet.

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    The foundation for a clean energy future that benefits everyone.

    sonnen’s groundbreaking Virtual Power Plant (VPP) technology virtually links together local networks of sonnen batteries to form a single renewable power plant that is capable of deploying enough stored sunshine to reduce the use of traditional fossil fuels and lower CO2 emissions. By using intelligent batteries and groundbreaking VPP software, sonnen helps provide clean, reliable energy to customers, greater energy control to local grid operators and financial benefits to property owners.


    A turnkey clean energy solution for builders and property owners.

    The sonnen VPP is a revolutionary product that combines a unique business model with groundbreaking technology to help you create clean energy communities that benefit your customers and the bottom line. 

    Intelligent battery solutions

    sonnen’s safe, long-lasting and environmentally friendly ecoLinx battery solutions are built for performance as a VPP grid asset providing up to 371 MWh of lifetime energy throughput per ecoLinx 30 unit guaranteed (see Warranty for details).

    Virtual Power Plant software

    The sonnen VPP software is the backbone that links and manages networks of intelligent solar batteries, forming scalable, renewable energy power plants that offer services to the local grid — demand response, frequency regulation, load management, and resiliency.

    Financing and partnership model

    Our unique model enables builders and developers to easily implement VPPs in retrofit and new projects by providing access to project financing and investment, turnkey project design and development, and VPP fleet management and operating support.

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    An innovative energy model to grow your business.

    Learn how a partnership between sonnen (visionary pioneer in VPPs), the local utility (Rocky Mountain Power), and a local developer (The Wasatch Group) helped define a model for a sustainable energy future.

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    Welcome to Soleil Lofts, the First All-Electric Apartment Community with a VPP, powered by sonnen
    VPP Project

    Build the clean energy community of the future, today.

    Since 2018, sonnen has partnered with innovative builders, developers, and utility partners across the US to lead the way to cleaner and healthier communities, like Soleil Lofts. The Soleil Lofts VPP proves the model for creating a distributed and dispatchable battery management system that provides ongoing benefits to all.

    ✓ Effectively manage renewable energy 

    ✓ Generate revenue and savings from grid services

    ✓ Protect residents from power outages

    ✓ Support the transition to clean, renewable energy

    ✓ Reducing local CO2 emissions!

    sonnen is a proven Virtual Power Plant leader.

    Explore sonnen’s groundbreaking Virtual Power Plant projects across the country. 

    Bring Clean Energy to your Customers.