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Success story with a sonnenBatterie

“For the first time, we’re fully covered in the event of a grid power outage. One of the first questions that I asked was how long I could subsist on the battery power from the sonnenBatterie. It hadn’t dawned on me that it could be indefinitely, since the solar array continues to charge the batteries each day. That kind of energy freedom and independence is very comforting.”

With unprecedented storms manifesting across the country and Washington’s “mega quake” looming ominously in the forecast, Doug and Kal Taylor from Edmonds, Washington decided it was finally time to protect themselves and their home from power outages. They came close to putting in a natural gas generator a few years ago, but the cost and logistical challenges that arose caused them to reconsider. Looking back now with their sonnenBatterie installed and humming quietly in their garage, they couldn’t be happier that they waited.

By combining a 9.9 kW solar PV system with a sonnenBatterie eco 10 smart energy storage system, the Taylors are able to power their home with clean, safe energy all day, night, and even during extended grid failures. From the moment their sonnenBatterie arrived they were pleased with their decision; “The size of the sonnen unit was our first surprise. It was smaller than we expected. It’s also quite sleek and elegant looking. That’s actually inspired us to paint the walls of our garage to bring the look of the garage up to the quality level of the sonnen unit!”

Beyond the aesthetics, the Taylors look forward to the benefits that sonnenBatterie will provide; “such as not losing food in the freezers during a power outage, staying warm, and being able to stay electronically connected with the world.” Furthermore, having seen climate changes take an effect firsthand in the Pacific Northwest, they realize the more significant, long term implications of transitioning to a source of clean, reliable, and affordable energy that also enables independence from the grid and therefore peace of mind in the case of failures.

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"With all the talk of home storage systems, it is easy to get lost in the hype. But sonnenBatterie has been at this for years and has the installations and experience to meet the level of quality and craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect." Reeves Clippard, CEO, A&R Solar.

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