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sonnen Inc | September 11, 2019


HYANNIS, MASS. September 11th, 2019 — Savant, a leader in smart home technology, along with intelligent energy management solutions provider Racepoint Energy, today announce a new integration with sonnen ecoLinx to deliver energy automation and the most advanced Savant smart home to the CEDIA channel.

This new ultimate smart home offering leverages Savant's home automation and control platform (along with its award-winning user interface, the Savant Pro App), Racepoint Energy’s Dynamic Load Management (DLM) and Breaker-Companion Module technology and sonnen’s innovative ecoLinx intelligent energy storage system to facilitate a state-of-the-art clean energy management solution. Now, integrators can deliver all of these components and their related functionality in a fully-integrated solution that seamlessly manages energy usage, providing homeowners with greater overall energy efficiency and energy independence during peak periods, power outages and beyond.

Technologies Working Together Make a Smarter Home
Energy automation with ecoLinx is the key to powering a cleaner, healthier and smarter home. The combination of Savant, Racepoint Energy and sonnen deliver a revolutionary, premium energy management solution that represents the next evolution in Savant smart home technology. The ecoLinx system enhances the capabilities of Savant’s automation platform, providing a flexible way to dynamically power loads in the home with an intelligent, fully-managed clean energy solution. The ecoLinx system offers the safest, longest-lasting and most innovative storage technology on the market. By storing excess energy generated by the sun and deploying it when needed most – like on cloudy days, peak, periods, and power outages – it seamlessly manages and maximizes energy usage day and night to power the home in the cleanest way possible. Now, by combining sonnen’s intelligent energy storage technology with Savant’s smart home ecosystem and Racepoint Energy’s controllable breaker modules, homeowners have access to smart configurable backup power during outages, robust circuit monitoring, intelligent demand control for Savant sub-systems, automated weather response to prepare the home for potential outages, and real-time household energy consumption data right from the user-friendly Savant App and platform.

Groundbreaking Racepoint Breaker-Companion Modules
Racepoint Energy Breaker-Companion Modules provide breaker-level energy and panelized lighting control that delivers individual, utility-grade monitoring, data usage and control throughout the home. The Breaker-Companion Modules and Dynamic Load Management system provides energy management functionality at the individual load level. These innovative modules have been designed to fit into standard electrical panels as a companion to any circuit breaker. There has never been a smart home solution like Racepoint Energy’s Breaker-Companion Modules, engineered to deliver monitoring, control and energy management all from a compact, easy to install form factor.

“Energy monitoring and management is a relatively new and growing category that represents an important opportunity for the custom integration channel,” said Savant CEO Bob Madonna. “Savant and
Racepoint Energy are excited to be partnering with sonnen, creating the most effective solutions available while accelerating market potential and overall visibility for the category.”

Please visit Savant and Racepoint at the 2019 Cedia Expo Booth 1500

For more information on Savant, visit savant.com

About Savant: Savant Systems, Inc is a recognized leader in home control and automation, and one of the fastest-growing smart home companies in the luxury and mid-markets. Savant’s powerful Pro technology brings together the four pillars of automation – climate, lighting, entertainment and energy – together in a single application interface for the homeowner. This comprehensive whole-home control system, available through iOS and Android, delivers the premiere experience in all of home automation and is available through Magnolia Design Centers and Savant’s global network of Authorized Integrators. Learn more at www.savant.com.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019