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sonnen Inc | September 11, 2019


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Sept. 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Lumin, a grid edge technology company focused on enabling grid-responsive homes, today announces an innovation in smart home energy management using Control4 and sonnen Inc., a global leader in residential energy storage.  Combining Lumin's system, the Control4 home automation platform and sonnen ecoLinx not only enables customers to store excess solar energy for use later (I.e. cloudy days, peak periods, outages, etc.), but also enables them to intelligently manage smart devices to increase resiliency during outages and better manage household clean energy usage throughout the day. The smart technology determines what loads to power based on a combination of factors including customer preferences and the battery's state-of-charge.


The Lumin® Energy Management Platform makes ordinary circuits smart and responsive to a home’s energy needs enabling personal microgrids and grid independence.



"Lumin paired with energy storage unlocks the barriers to widespread adoption of intelligent energy storage systems," said Kevin O'Shea, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Lumin. "By adding the capability to integrate with Control4 and interact with sonnen's ecoLinx system, we're using our technology to bring real-time intelligence and greater energy control to the home automation and solar markets."


"Sonnen has been at the forefront of developing intelligent residential energy storage systems for 10 years and we are driving the convergence of smart home and clean energy technology with our Energy Automation with ecoLinx," said Carlos Restrepo, CTO of sonnen, Inc. "Enabling a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable energy future starts by providing homeowners with control and information. Lumin's integration with home automation enables us to expand our ecoLinx offering and continue to grow the market through Energy Automation."

Lumin's technology, in conjunction with Control4 and sonnen's ecoLinx, gives customers access to real-time information on each circuit's power consumption. With this data in hand, homeowners now have the ability to use the Control4 interface to define which circuits to power and which to disable during a grid outage, enabling customers to optimize the runtime of their ecoLinx battery by powering specific key loads. Lumin's automated load control capabilities integrated with home automation and ecoLinx provide a powerful platform that protects homeowners against power outages and natural disasters, in addition to enabling a more eco-forward lifestyle by maximizing the use of clean energy during peak periods and beyond.

The Lumin platform is available now and will be further demonstrated in September at both CEDIA Expo (sonnen booth #3547) and at Solar Power International / Energy Storage International (sonnen booth #2909, Lumin booth #3774).

About Lumin

Lumin is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, and provides energy management technology for the grid edge. The Lumin® Energy Management Platform brings intelligent control to any electrical distribution panel and makes ordinary circuits smart. Lumin's hardware/software system enables responsive load management that can adjust automatically to storage status, electricity pricing, and much more.  The solution is valued by storage partners, solar installers, utilities, and homeowners alike.

To learn more, please visit luminsmart.com.

About sonnen

The sonnen Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart energy storage systems and a pioneer of clean, decentrallized and networked energy system technologies.  As one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, sonnen has received numerous internationally recognized awards. With its virtual battery, which consists of digitally networked home storage systems, sonnen offers new and highly innovative energy services for network operators and customers. sonnen's products are available in many countries, with offices located in Germany, Italy, Australia, the UK and the USA. Since March 2019, sonnen is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell within its New Energies division. To learn more, please visit sonnenusa.com.

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