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  • Safest, longest-lasting battery technology.
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  • Complements leading home automation systems.
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  • Zayed Future Energy Award
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Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions Adapt Energy | Control 4 Crestron | Savant
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What is ecoLinx?
An intelligent energy storage and management solution that stores excess, clean energy generated by the sun (or even the grid) for use later (at night, power outages, peak periods, etc.). ecoLinx also works with leading automation platforms and controllable breaker solutions to enable true energy automation.

What is energy automation?
Where eco-friendly tech meets automation, energy automation merges intelligent energy storage, solar, automation platforms, and controllable breakers to manage energy usage in the home and keep homeowners powered during outages.  Using advanced technology, ecoLinx monitors the home’s daily solar production and energy needs and works with select automation platforms to make adjustments throughout the day and night to power the home in the most efficient and cleanest way possible as well as maximize battery power during outages.

What is smart weather forecasting?
By integrating ecoLinx with an automation platform, customers will be prepared with backup power on reserve in the event of a weather-related outage. If the automation platform detects a potential weather event (watch or warning), it will not only alert the homeowner, but will also work with ecoLinx to prepare the home by automatically charging the battery to increase the backup power reserve.  The automation platform could also prepare the home in other ways ahead of a potential outage (ie; dimming lights, lowering shades, adjusting HVAC to pre-cool/pre-heat the home, etc.).  Please consult your sonnen Sales Representative for more information on specific integration and system configuration options.

What is smart configurable backup?
With smart configurable backup, homeowners will have the peace-of-mind knowing they will stay powered during outages and have the ability to dynamically adjust how they use their battery power at any time. During a power outage the ecoLinx, automation platform and controllable breakers work together to implement backup power profiles to maximize battery power.  As available energy changes (based on ecoLinx state-of-charge and/or solar production), select automation platforms can work with ecoLinx to automatically adjust the home’s power consumption to conserve as much stored energy as possible (like turning off additional circuits, dimming lights, lowering shades, etc.).  At any time, the homeowner also has the ability to manually turn on/off breakers or select other energy profiles as desired.  Please consult your sonnen Sales Representative for more information on specific integration and system configuration option.

What is smart demand control & load management?
When pairing ecoLinx with an automation platform and solar, together they manage clean, stored energy to offset peak utility rates and power the home in the cleanest and most efficient way possible. Using automatic power-saving scenes, the system can minimize costs and reduce carbon footprint by storing and using cleaner, less expensive energy generated during the day and re-deploying it during peak hours (like at night), cloudy days, and beyond. While ecoLinx powers the home with clean energy, the automation platform can also turn off down less-crucial loads (ex: jacuzzi) and make other adjustments in home (ex: dimming lights) to increase energy efficiency. Please consult your sonnen Sales Representative for more information on specific integration and system configuration options.

Can ecoLinx achieve smart weather forecasting, smart configurable backup, and smart demand control & load management on its own?
No, an automation platform is required (Adapt Energy, Control4, or Savant).

What automation platforms does ecoLinx directly integrate with?
Adapt Energy, Control4, Savant

Does ecoLinx "talk" directly to controllable breakers?
No, an automation platform is required (Adapt Energy, Control4, or Savant).

Do I need a full home automation system to achieve energy automation?
No.  At minimum, a sonnen ecoLinx battery and Adapt Energy Panel is needed for basic energy automation if a home automation system is not present.

What basic information is needed to get started with an energy automation project?
Load schedule, information on how the homeowner will use system (application), type(s) of energy sources (ie; solar, grid, generator, wind, etc).

Does an Energy Automation System require solar?
No, the ecoLinx system can charge from the grid when energy is more often more “clean” (because of how it’s generated) and abundant during off-peak times and re-deploy it during peak periods. All energy automation functionality and applications are possible (smart weather forecasting, smart configurable backup, smart demand control and load management).

How do I know which loads require controllable breakers?
Controllable breakers aren’t needed for every load.  In fact, they are only needed for loads that need to be dynamically turned ON or OFF during a grid outage. There are three types of loads:​​​​​​

Massive Loads: should always be OFF in an outage situation ie; hot tub, air conditioner, etc. These may not need controllable breakers at all depending on the design. Any load over 7000 watts must be treated as a massive load.

Critical Loads: should always remain ON in an outage no matter the circumstances ie; fridge, network, router, automation platform processor, etc. These do not need controllable breakers but in some cases may require it.

Dynamic (optional) Loads: loads the customer may wish to “pick and choose” to stay ON de-pending on the outage situation ie; hot water heater, washer, etc.  These are the loads that require focus when designing an Energy Automation system to ensure ecoLinx can support both Critical and Dynamic loads during “worst case scenario” situations.

Can I eliminate the Protected Loads Panel (PLP) with energy automation?
Depending on the automation platform, circuit-level control hardware used, and overall system design, this could be possible by placing controllable breakers in the main panel that will turn ON and dynamically manage loads in the event of an outage.  In this instance, any load that will need to be turned ON in an outage (including critical loads) will require a controllable breaker. Please consult with your sonnen Representative to determine if it is possible based on your project design.

Does ecoLinx replace the need for a UPS?
No, the transfer time for ecoLinx is <100ms, therefore it is recommended to still put a UPS on sensitive electronics that require a faster transfer time to bridge the ~95ms gap.

Does ecoLinx work with a generator?
Yes, sonnen can directly connect to a 2-wire auto-start generator that is 240V and 12kW or less.  Please consult your sonnen Sales Representative for more information on this solution as well as other possible generator configurations.

Do I need an internet connection?
Yes, an internet connection is required to ensure the ecoLinx receives software updates and to ensure that we can remote into the system should technical assistance be required.

Is ecoLinx a high-voltage product?
Yes. The system also offers 200A pass-through current. An electrician will be required for some aspects of the installation.

How is ecoLinx installed?
All sonnen products must be installed by a certified sonnen installer who completed the live or online sonnen Technical Certification Training and passed an exam.  Note:  sonnen is a high-voltage product and some aspects of installation require an electrician (who must be sonnen Certified). 

Note: The warranty is voided if installed by a non-certified sonnen installer.

What are the next steps if I have a project and/or want to learn more?
Complete the Energy Automation Inquiry Form and a member from our team will contact you to assist.

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