Be an energy pioneer. Share your battery with the grid to earn cash back. 

If you’re a National Grid or Eversource customer in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, join the New England energy storage community and enroll in ConnectedSolutions.

ConnectedSolutions networks your sonnen intelligent energy storage solution with other residential batteries across your state, creating a distributed clean energy supply available when demand is high. You help support the power grid, and the savings get passed onto you — It’s that simple.

Earn cash rewards

Make the most of your sonnen investment and earn hundreds back per year from your utility.

Share your energy

Contribute to a greener, more resilient power grid by sharing your energy and offsetting peak demand.

Have peace of mind

Experience true energy independence with reliable power day and night — 24/7.

Join the grid of the future. Contact us to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ConnectedSolutions work?
During periods of high demand for electricity, like a hot summer day with A/C running, utilities have had to rely on expensive, non-environmentally friendly power sources to keep your lights on — until now. When you enroll your sonnen in ConnectedSolutions, you become part of a network of connected batteries throughout your service area that National Grid and Eversource can call on when demand is high. Your participation helps to relieve strain on the grid in a sustainable, economical way. The only requirement is an internet connection, as your sonnen comes utility-ready — no re-wiring necessary.

Am I eligible? 
You are eligible if you own any sonnen system and are a resident of Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island in National Grid and Eversource territories. 

How do I apply and enroll? 
If you are interested in purchasing a sonnen, please fill out the form above, and we will happily connect you with a certified sonnen partner near you.

If you are the proud owner of a sonnen, please work with the certified sonnen partner that installed your system. They will guide you to apply and enroll your system in ConnectedSolutions. You must sign two forms: a ConnectedSolutions application and Terms and Conditions document. Your installer will then fill out the ConnectedSolutions enrollment form on your behalf and submit all three completed documents plus your installation invoice directly to sonnen. The sonnen team will officially enroll you in ConnectedSolutions once your system is confirmed to be fully operational. 

You can download the program application and find terms and conditions at:

What are the enrollment benefits?
By joining the sonnenCommunity and enrolling in ConnectedSolutions, you will:

  • Be compensated for energy you supply 

  • Help stabilize the grid during peak demand

  • Stay protected around the clock

  • Support the collective transition to renewable energy

  • Contribute to the greater good! 

What will I earn?
Your earning potential is based on the average amount of stored power you contribute during peak events, such as a hot summer day. The exact incentive is based on the total available power output over each peak window, which is typically 3 hours long. The larger the capacity you have available to deliver, the larger the incentive. 

In Massachusetts and Connecticut, sonnen owners will receive $225 per kilowatt during summer and $50 per kilowatt in the winter season. When paired with a home solar system, the largest sonnen ecoLinx could award you up to $1,550 per year, and the largest sonnen eco up could award you up $1,400 per year. You could also be eligible for the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program if your sonnen system is paired with a home solar PV system.

In Rhode Island, sonnen owners will receive $400 per kilowatt during the summer season. When paired with a home solar system, the largest sonnen ecoLinx could award you as much as up to $2,250 per year, and the largest sonnen eco up could award you up $2,000 per year.

If your sonnen is not paired with a home solar system, you will not be eligible to share power with the grid itself. Since you are not allowed to feed into the grid, this cuts your earning potential to the reduction of your own peak consumption.

*Earnings are based on actual performance. After each season, your electric utility (National Grid or Eversource) will pay out the incentive based on the measured performance of your sonnen. You will not receive credit for peak demand events prior to enrollment, or if your battery cannot participate in an event for reasons such as an empty battery or not having internet access.

How often will my sonnen be used by this program?
Power may be requested from your sonnen for 2 to 3 hours at a time for up to 60 summer days and 15 winter days. A peak demand event where your sonnen is called upon to discharge is most likely to occur on summer weekdays. Outside of these events, you can manage your intelligent energy storage and consumption how you see fit.

How (and when) do I get paid?
Your performance will be assessed and approved by National Grid and Eversource at the end of the summer and winter demand response seasons. Based on those calculations, you will receive a check from National Grid or Eversource at the conclusion of the respective season.  

Can I add a sonnen to my existing solar system?
Yes! Existing solar systems can seamlessly integrate with sonnen. Fill out the above form if you are interested in learning how pairing sonnen with solar can add greater value to your clean energy investment. 

Can I add a solar system to my home after purchasing a sonnen?
Yes! Existing solar systems can seamlessly integrate with sonnen. Fill out the above form if you are interested in learning how pairing solar with sonnen can add greater value to your clean energy investment. 

Can I charge my battery during a demand event?
At any given time, your sonnen system can either charge, discharge, or idle. During a peak event, your battery will discharge into the grid. Your solar system may offset your energy use, or push power into the grid, earning you net metering credits from the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program, if you choose to enroll.

Will I still have backup power in the event of severe weather?
Peak events usually happen in the summer, and weather events generally occur in the fall and winter. As long as your sonnen has battery capacity available, you will have a backup power source. National Grid and Eversource have also committed to not call any events when adverse weather conditions exist or other grid disturbances emerge.

Your certified sonnen installer can program a higher backup buffer for reserve, however your ConnectedSolutions participation and earning potential would diminish. Make sure to indicate your backup buffer in your ConnectedSolutions application. 

What is the likelihood a demand event will coincide with a need for backup?
The likelihood that your area will experience severe weather affecting the grid during a demand event is extremely low. Most weather events occur in the fall or winter when there are fewer peak events. If adverse weather or another other condition is forecasted to affect the grid, National Grid and Eversource have committed to not call a demand event. You can always decline to participate in a demand event.

Can I join other incentive programs while I’m enrolled in ConnectedSolutions?
Of course! There are great incentive programs for energy storage paired with solar. If you are a Massachusetts National Grid or Eversource customer with a solar system on your home, you can take advantage of the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program. The SMART program comes with an additional energy storage incentive, and all SMART requirements are met through ConnectedSolutions.

Federal tax credit: Your renewable energy investment may also qualify for a federal tax credit — 30% in 2019. 

HEAT loan: National Grid, Eversource, and Cape Light Compact customers in Massachusetts and National Grid customers in Rhode Island are eligible to apply for a 7-year, interest free HEAT loan towards purchase of a sonnen system. You can indicate your interest in receiving a HEAT Loan authorization letter by marking the appropriate field on your ConnectedSolutions application.

I have questions. Where can I direct them?
Fill out the above interest form with your questions, and a sonnen representative will be in touch.

Where can I find ConnectedSolutions terms and conditions?
Visit to view and/or download program terms and conditions.

How can I unenroll?
Email with “Unenroll” in the subject line if you wish to unenroll for any reason.

I am a contractor and want to enroll my customers. How do I get started?

Please email or call 818-287-0298. Our local sales managers will get back to you with program information, application forms, and technical details about the sonnen product offerings. 



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