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sonnenConnect is an innovative VPP program that allows you to earn cash rewards and maximize the benefits of your sonnen battery plus solar system without having to change the way you live your life. 

Beyond Net Metering™ and Go Beyond Backup Power™ with sonnenConnect.

When you sign up for sonnenConnect, your benefits stack up and provide you with more saving and other outstanding services. You gain access to the benefits below plus you help support a clean and reliable energy future for California.

Proactive Bill Management

sonnenConnect’s patented, optimized time-of-use algorithm intelligently manages your battery, lowering your use of peak-time energy and helping reduce your electricity bills.

Proactive Backup Power

sonnen actively monitors the local weather and your sonnen system, proactively charging your battery to ensure you have enough backup power to keep you up and running when the grid goes down. 

Rewards for Grid Services

sonnen battery owners who join sonnenConnect receive quarterly payments and an annual performance bonus for helping stabilize the local grid.  

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