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Powerful. Flexible. Intelligent. sonnen eco offers a high-quality, flexible, and scalable solution for greater energy independence for the eco-conscious home.

  • Max Capacity 20 kWh
  • Recyclable 100%
  • Cycle Warranty 10 year/10,000
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Your smart and mighty home battery solution.

Our proven original home battery solution that scales in size to meet your home’s energy needs. eco actively stores excess clean energy and safely uses it to power what matters most – day, night and when the grid goes down. 


Greater energy management for your home with eco.

Long-lasting & safe.

eco uses our ultra-safe, durable battery technology that comes with an industry leading 10-year or 10,000 cycle warranty with an expected lifetime energy throughput of up to 116 MWh (see Warranty for details).

All-in-one sustainable design.

The eco offers a modern, all-in-one, child-friendly design that fits in any garage or indoor area and uses batteries that are 100% recyclable (at an R2 facility), so it benefits you without harming the environment. 

Customize your battery size.

By working with a sonnen certified installer, you can tailor your battery to fit your home’s needs with options ranging from 10 - 20 kWh (in 2.5 kWh increments) helping you comfortably power your life, the way your live it.




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Wattsmart Program

Join the Utah Wattsmart Battery Program to earn rewards.

Now all Rocky Mountain Power customers in Utah can qualify for the Wattsmart Battery Program when they add a sonnen battery to their solar home. This utility program connects residential batteries across the state, creating a distributed, virtual clean energy management system that enables a sustainable energy future and provides you with benefits:

✓ Get an upfront incentive when you enroll.

✓ Earn ongoing bill credits.

✓ Help create a healthier environment.

✓ Keep electric prices among the nation's lowest. 

✓ Use renewable energy effectively.

Don't just take our word for it. Listen to our eco customers.

Learn how to create a cleaner, healthier home with eco.

The sonnen Difference.

Watch how sonnen, a global leader in energy management technology, is powering people's lives with clean, reliable energy while building a clean energy future for all.

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The sonnen Difference